Tetraphones are a specialist telecoms provider

TetraPhones offer a Range of Office Phones and Business Telephone Systems to support single or multi-user environments. Our phone system allows users to be at different offices/locations and still be on the same telephone system, so all calls between offices will free.

We can transfer your existing number from your current provider over to our telephone system. This can be pointed at either a menu system or just ring certain extension numbers. If you have multiple numbers, they can all be transferred over and either point at the menu like the main number or point at certain extensions.

The feature rich phones that we offer can link in with active directory for the directory or if you don’t have active directory on your network then you can use the directory in the phone, with easy transfer of calls.

Best of all we’ll set this all up for you at no additional cost.

We have a dedicated 0800 number for technical support, questions or issues regarding your Telephone System.

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