What is VoIP?

What is VOIP? (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is a technology that uses your internet connection to make telephone calls.

Tetraphones premium VoIP packages can provide you with an enterprise grade telephone system that’s easy to use for a cost effective monthly subscription.

Included Features

With a VoIP system in your business, you will have greater control over your phones. Some of the customisable features that are fully included in our Multi-User Subscriptions are detailed below.

No Long Term Contracts

All of our VoIP packages are based on 30 day rolling contracts, meaning that if for any reason you were dissatisfied with our service or find that VoIP is simply no longer viable for your business you can end the contact with 30 days notice.

Memorable Phone Numbers

Improve your advertising opportunities with a memorable phone number from TetraPhones. We can offer a selection of Local, National, Geographic, Non-Geographic and Premium numbers that can instantly make your number stand out in your industry.

Free Calls Between Handsets

Benefit from free calls between handset no matter where the handsets are in the world!
Anywhere the handsets are connected is an internal call and free to dial!

Expand When You Need

Add handsets, add sites, add concurrent calls, edit hunt groups, edit auto attendants all at a moments notice. Not sure how to change the system, our instant access technical support are more than happy to assist with changes as and when you need.

Call Groups (Hunt groups)

Calls can be configured to pass through your phone network based on specific groups, for example if you have a two receptionists your system could be configured to ring there two phones for eight seconds before being routed to another phone. Which is useful if the two staff on reception are busy.

Call Routing

Useful for when you are out of the office, a call to your extension can be configured to ring the physical phone on your desk for a set amount of time before dialing a secondary number either internal or external (maybe your mobile phone). With software phones and Mobile apps, you can make and answer calls anywhere with an internet connection without anyone knowing you’ve left the office.

Switchboard and Auto-Attendants

When calling your company we can configure your phone system to answer your call with a selection of greetings & options e.g. Press 2 for accounts, 3 for technical support etc. And have these calls routed to the relevant phones/departments.

Music on Hold

Why not upload your own Hold Music and take the opportunity to market your latest products to your customers while they wait.


Our services offers an excellent means of taking and relaying answerphone messages. When an answerphone message is left this can be then sent on to your email account/s as an attachment, for viewing/listening on your smartphones tablets etc.

Customisable Call Barring

Restrictions can be configured to block premium rate numbers so that you can avoid unexpected call charges, after initial setup these restrictions can be modified/lifted by our dedicated UK support team.

Advanced Call Handling

Reroute calls by time, date, number dialed or caller id and ensure your customers get to the person they need with the least hassle possible.

What do I need?

Tetraphones can provide all equipment necessary to build your internal phone network, this includes:

  • Broadband (to provide your phone network with reliable internet access)
  • Desk Phones
  • Conference phones
  • PA systems (Phones can be configured to act as a public announcement system)
  • Cabled & wireless headsets

For more details on the hardware we can provide please take a look at ourĀ Telephone Systems page